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  • Benefits of Family Medicine for the Children in Your Family
    • Caring for multiple generations gives us in-depth knowledge of a family’s complete medical history.
    • More flexible appointment times that accommodate school and activities
    • Comprehensive care including acute illness, sports injuries, and skin procedures (warts, acne)
    • Vaccinations included in membership fee
  • Healthy Habits from Dr. Wilson
    • I like to tell my kids that they can’t say they don’t like something if it’s been over a month since they last tried it because, “just like you are growing and changing, your taste buds change too”. They have taken to making silly faces at that one. But in fact, your taste buds do regenerate every few weeks and they can even be retrained. If you’re a Cheetos lover and I recommend that we cut salt, when you go home and try the almonds your spouse bought on the last Costco run, you may give up immediately. Instead, if you slowly decrease the intense salt flavor over time, you will eventually be able to taste the almond for the delicious snack it’s meant to be. One of my favorite techniques to cut salt, sugar, fill in the blank, is to make changes slowly over time. The method is similar to the boiling frog story, the premise of which is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. I’m not suggesting that we put your taste buds to death, but rather awaken them to the more subtle flavors. For example, let’s look at orange juice. My husband grew up drinking a large glass each morning, similar to many of my patients.We’ve been together 19 years now, and much to his dismay, I have experimented on his taste buds through the years. I recommended that he slowly add water to his orange juice, specifically, only fill 80% with OJ and 20% with water. Surprisingly, he tried it! Over time, he was able to continue to decrease the amount of sugary juice, and increase the amount of water. I later counted it as a win when he came home from golf and said, “You ruined me. I tried a Gatorade today and it was way too sweet.”. We successfully retrained his taste buds! If you’ve been thinking about decreasing salt, sugar, fats, caffeine, etc., I hope you consider this technique. You can go as slow as you need, but in the end, you’ll be healthier for it!
    • Does your child eat breakfast daily?
      • Breakfast helps to fuel the brain through the day!
    • Does your child eat regular meals and healthy snacks?
      • Regular meals and healthy snacks keep blood sugar from tanking and causing “hangry” meltdowns.
    • Does your child have a habit of consistently eating junk?
      • Empty Calories form in sugary foods, candy, chips may cause your child to feel “junky” and act accordingly.

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